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Леннарт Грин (Lennart Green) Версия для печати
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Леннарт Грин

Чемпиона в Close-up Card magic.
Предлагаю к просмотру небольшой фрагмент из его выступления, так называемую "Лазерную сдачу " Грин один из моих любимых фокусников , которого отличает отточеная техника и кажущеяся небрежность показа и тонкий юмор! ;)

У Грина есть 7 семинаров: "Green Magic by Lennart Green Set" , каждый по себе уникальный , подробное объяснение и показ всех техник Грина.  Вы можете заказать этот сборник из моей частной коллекции. напишите мне

Вот  содержание сборника:

Volume 1

The FISM Act - See that act that won Lennart the world championship!

* Vanishing glasses
* The appearing glass of liquid
* The Laser Deal
* Separation of colors
* Full deck separation from a shuffled deck
* The incredible BlindFolded ace through king production. (This segment, shot by A-1, is performance only, but portions of routines and techniques are taught throughout the three-volume set.)
* Greek Shuffle
* Circulation Shuffle
* OverHand Circulation Shuffle
* Rapid Cuts Shuffle
* One-Card Riffle Shuffle
* Eternal Chain Shuffle
* Pinch Cut
* Elegant Cut
* Flourish Z Cut
* Pivot Five Cut
* Pivot Four Cut
* Float Pass
* Center Windmill Move
* Lateral Center Steal
* Lateral Palm * Bottom Palm
* Spread Bottom Palm #1
* Spread Bottom Palm #2
* Spread Top Palm
* Misdirection Top Palm
* Top/Bottom Palm
* Card Changes using Lateral Palm
* Top Shot
* Center Shot
* Thumb Shot
* Thumb Shot Change
* Thumb Shot Second Deal
* Multiplying Card Move
* Angle Separation
* Red/Black Separation
* Four Suits Separation
* And more!

Volume 2

The Poker Deal - Lennart deals five different killer hands from a shuffled deck!

The Temple of Shiva - A magical, mystical routine painted with a story of the future.

Deceptive Perception - No matter which card the spectator selects, it is always the odd card!

The One-Two Separation - From an audience-shuffled deck, Lennart magiCally separates the cards from red and black!

The Angle Riffle Shuffle - One of the most deceptive false-shuffles ever created.

Volume 3

* Fractal Harmony - A masterpiece of card magic! Using a backDrop of mathematical fractals, Lennart magically proves that chaos can become order. He shows and explains fractals along with their beauty and meaning.
* Second Birthday Gift - Lennart recalls a humorous story involving his father wherein a shuffled deck magically becomes separated. For the finale, Lennart produces a full bottle of whisky, which is then opened and a thought-of card is produced from inside!
* Impromtu Royal Flush - This routine begins with the production of a shoe from a deck of cards, and then a thought-of card is removed from the shoe! Within this routine is a myriad of effects, including the full separation of a deck, winning poker hands, card productions and more!
* One in Fifty-two Bet- From a shuffled deck, a card is selected and lost. The deck is then repeatedly separated into two piles, with one pile being eliminated each time until only one card is left. It is the selection! This effect is a self-working masterpiece.

Volume 4

showcases Lennart's work on false shuffles. Extremely deceptive and original, these shuffles are an important part of Lennart's card magic. If the audience believes the deck is shuffled, you can do miracles. This volume also marks the release of the Real Green Shuffle, Lennart's pet favorite false shuffle, one he has kept closely guarded until now! This volume will raise your card work to the highest level!

Volume Four : Shuffling Green

* False Shuffle - Introduction
* Cavalcade of False Shuffles Demonstration
* Mirror Shuffles
* Happy Birthday Shuffle
* Big-Small Shuffle
* Mirror Cross Shuffle
* Never-Mind Shuffle (Cross Shuffle, Rotation Shuffle, Left Corner Shuffle, etc.)
* Riffle Shuffles/False Angle Shuffle
* The Real Green Shuffle
* Slug False Shuffle (Hidden Stock Shuffle)
* Joker False Shuffle
* False Rosetta Shuffle
* Arranging Shuffles

Volume 5

contains a potpourri of Lennart's innovative card work, including items with a gambling theme. You will also be treated to an entire chapter on original and deceptive false cuts, something for which Lennart is extremely well-revered. Follow a false shuffle with a strong false cut and your card magic will be all that much stronger. This volume is a must for any lover of card magic!

Volume 5: Sleightly Green

* Gambling Routines
* Center Deal/Royal Flush
* Russian Cut
* 3-Heap Gambler's Cut
* Index Swing Cut
* 6-Heap Cut
* Flip-Over Cuts
* Crab Cut
* Bricklayers Cut
* Windmill/Arc Move
* All-Around Square Up
* Side Steal & Steal from Center
* Drop Pass
* 4-Card Control with Circulation Move
* Samurai Move
* Max Milton Top Change

Volume 6

features many of the sleights and routines that have made Lennart world famous. Among the many highlights are Lennart's seminar techniques for the Later at Palm/Steal, including the Snap and Laser Deals, the Drop Cutt and the Angle Separation. This volume compresses a lifetime of passionate card magic onto a single DVD. It truly is the quintessential Lennart Green! Also included is a bonus item, Xirtam, which must be seen to be believed.

Volume 6 : Quintessential Green

* Lateral Palm
* Snap Deal
* Laser Deal Performance/Explanation
* The Flexible Deck
* Lateral Steal Color Separation
* Lateral Vanishing Deck/Color Separation
* Selection Transposition
* Xirtam (cards under coins)
* Drop Cull Separation
* 5-Q
* RSF Royal Flush Routine
* Angle Separation Variation 


Effects Featured: 
* Fractured
* 4 Aces Squared
* Stolen Cards
* The Eye of Stonehenge
* Rain Man
* $26,000
* The Dragon's Pearl



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#16 Marylin 03.08.2018 17:41
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(Lennart Green)
#15 Brad 14.07.2018 02:39
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#14 jojo17musalini 06.02.2008 10:19
Ochen! ochen! Vpechetliaet!!! !!!!!! :roll:
#13 ElipS 23.12.2007 03:00
интересно но не интересно... :-x
#12 Микки 12.10.2007 23:45
Насколько я понял из просмотра, он прячет карты в правой ладони, а в оконцовке такое естесственное движение и колода падает со стола, типа раздал, а потом скинул ее на колени. Довольно эффектно! Я некоторое время в прострации находился, потом допетрил... :-)
#11 Zeekless 09.05.2007 02:40
C:/Documents And Settings/ Имя / Cookies

Стирай все нахрен!!! =) (надеюсь, ты помнишь все свои пароли)
#10 `Ace 08.05.2007 04:28
Извиняюсь конечно, но я не совсем понимаю в компах и мне достачно сложно не зная чего от меня требуют, сделать то самое =) Если Вас не затруднит, можете объяснить, что мне конкретно нужно сделать и где это сделать,и решит ли это мою проблемму?
Заранее спасибо.

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