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Rocky Raccoon - прикольная зверушка! Версия для печати
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Rocky Raccoon - оживший зверек !

Представляю вам, одну из замечательных игрушек, которую очень интересно использовать в комической магии!!!
Зверек может , двигаться, прыгать, шевелить головой и хвостом, вообщем создается полное впечатление, что он живой! Спасибо Виталию Герасимову, за присланую инструкцию.

Далее смотрим видео в исполнении Дэвида Вильямсона (из его семинара) ..и инструкцию на английском языке (если кто захочет помочь с переводом, милости просим) . Купить такого зверька можно в зарубежных магазинах за 30 баксов, но возможно сделать и самостоятельно.


Jules Edelstein, performing under the stage name of Jules Kallen, in the mid-fifties, designed his first spring operated fur animal to use in his act. Not only was this realistic creature an instant success in his show but it produced a huge demand for similar animals from his fellow magicians. Jules could never turn a friend down and soon all his efforts were channelled into crafting more and more of his lifelike creations.
When he left us suddenly in April, 1984, he had become one of the most loved professionals in the furriers trade.
We are proud that he had the confidence in us to continue the tradition of his quality workmanship.

The lifelike movements of your animal are produced by a custom made spring hidden inside. You start by holding the animal in the "Basic Grip".* Place the thumb of the left Hand on the back of the animal about 2 inches behind the ears, with the 4 fingers of the left hand underneath the animal and the animal's head pointed away from you. (See Fig. 1) Let the back end of the animal rest gently against your body. The thumb tip and finger­tips should be resting on the coils of the spring and not Between the coils.

Pulling the spring back, with the thumb, causes the head to bend up. (Fig. 2) By pulling the spring back with the fingers, underneath, the head will bend down. If you pull the spring back on the left or right side, the animal's head will bend in that direction.


Hold the animal in the basic grip (Pg. 3) and bend the head down. By gently mov­ing the tips of your left fingers, back and forth, the head will "bob" up and down. If you hold your right hand cupped, just under his nose, it will look like he's eating out of your hand. (Fig. 3) If you place the head of the animal in a styrofoam cup and then move his head, you produce a very cute "drinking" effect.


Hold the animal in the basic grip (Pg. 3) and pull back on the spring with your left thumb and he will look up. A cute idea is to have him look up at you every time you Call his name.
Tickler: While the animal is drinking out of a styrofoam cup, call his name and slowly make him look up, with the cup still on his head!
Tip: Combine the up and down motions and the animal appears to nod "Yes". (Ask him questions from time to time and make him answer "Yes" or "No".) Tickler: Using the up and down motion, very slowly, while looking at a lady, the animal appears to be giving her the "once over". (He's such a flirt!) Tip: Hold the animal in the eating position, with the head down. Bring the animal up to your shoulder with his face point­ing out towards audience. Say, "Sit Up!"

Start with the basic grip (Pg. 3) and rotate the left hand 1/4 turn, so that the left thumb is on the animal's right side and the fingers of the left hand are on the left side. (Fig. 4) If you pull back with the fingers, he will look to the left and by pulling back with the thumb, he will look to the right. Now, slide your right hand under his body and clip his tail between the first two fingers of your right hand. (Fig. 4) If you wiggle these fingers, scissor-like the tail will wag. Combine left and right motions - animal shakes head "No."


Holding the animal as in Fig. 5, tilt the animal to an upright position, so that it is resting on the fingertips of the right hand. Relax the grip of the left hand, so that the animal is supported lightly against the left hand but not held by it. By wiggling the right fingertips and moving both hands and arms up your body, the animal will appear to run up.
Tickler: Right before you make him scamper up, you look at the animal and say, "You know, these folks told me earlier that you would make a real nice fur coat!" Watch him go!
Tip: All the animal's movements are con­trolled from the outside. Do not put your hand or fingers inside the animal.


Holding the animal as in Fig. 4, using your right hand, suddenly toss him! You will be tossing him to your right, so before you let him go, adjust your body position and he will land right on target! A few practice tosses will give you the idea. Be sure you have released the tail from the finger clip position before you toss him. No one will ever remember you tossing him. All eyes will be on that flying animal until it lands! (Please be discreet when tossing ... it can be very scary for those people who think he is alive!)

Tickler: Place animal on table and say, "Stay!" Pause a moment and say,
He'll stay for hours!" Tip: Operate gently - Do not crush! Tickler: While moving the head up and down (saying "Yes" Pg. 5) with left
hand, tickle his belly with right hand. It will look like you're driving
him crazy! Tip: Keep all movements to a minimum and the animal will appear more
lifelike. You can pick up some great guidelines watching real animals. Tickler: Make your animal "look over" a group of people, by slowly moving
his head left to right. As soon as he spots a lady, his head stops and his
tail starts!

Tickler: While holding him, with tail clipped, as in Fig. 4, turn his head to the left (facing audience) and say, "Play Dead!" and immediately let go with your left hand but keep the tail clipped with fingers of right hand. The animal will fall and hang by his tail as if you actually were holding a dead critter! (Ugh!)

Make some "slurping" sounds when he is drinking from a cup. (Pg. 4) "Growling" sounds right before you make him jump. (Pg. 8) "Giggling" sounds when you tickle his belly. (Pg. 8) Use your imagination!
Tickler: Look at your animal and say, "Would you like to see a great magic trick?" Animal nods "yes" (Pg. 5) "Do you think I can make everyone out there disappear?" Animal shakes head "no". (Pg. 6) Put a paper cup over his head!
Tip: To make your animal look his best . . . every so often, with a cotton swab or bit of cloth, moistened with oil, give each eye a light coating -it will make them "sparkle". If you hold the animal by the rear end and give him a vigorous shake, back and forth, it will "fluff up" his fur coat.
One Final Tip: Once you believe that you are holding and talking to a "real" live animal . . . your audience will believe it too!

You have received a beautifully hand crafted animal, the in­struction and the opportunity to practice and present to others an entertaining and lifelike creature. The key to how enter­taining it becomes, depends on the practice you put into it. Now, before you say, "Why practice, when it looks so real any­how?", remember that practicing with this spring animal is fun! Whether it's "smoothing out" an old motion or practicing the finer details of some new idea, as soon as you pick up that critter, it's hard to keep from smiling! He's just plain fun!
So, practice, practice, practice, have a great time and you'll not only create a reputation for yourself, you'll put a smile on the face of everyone you and your friend encounter.



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