Фокус с кольцом DEVO DeRing (видео без монтажа!)

Фокус с кольцом DEVO DeRing (видео без монтажа!)

После просмотра семинара DEVO DERING ...я не удержался от искушения :) ....купил себе серебрянный перстенек и потренировался недельку. Результат тренировки демонстрирую вам.

Смотрится визуально и несложно в освоении, главное подобрать очень точно кольцо.
Это лишь начальные (но главные) движения из видеосеминара Дево.


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“De‘Ring is the perfect impromptu marvel... a potent piece of pure magic!”

Jeff McBride : Las Vegas Headliner


"This DVD is classic De'vo: scary clarity, eye popping titles, and flawless teaching. It is very easy to navigate, and the concepts are presented very straight forward. Nothing is skipped.

You could, with this DVD and a few months practice, be showing the routine and getting amazing response. De' Ring is the ultimate opening table or walk around routine. You don't have to say %*&t, just walk up to the table, do the core, and everyone at the table will be transfixed. You can see dozens of live reaction shots in the DVD, and the expressions on the faces of the spectators bear testament to the strength of the effect.

This is the non-playing-card item you will use most in your lifetime. If you don't wear a ring, you will just to do this, if you already wear a ring, you will replace it with the perfect fitting one. De'vo has really left nothing to chance here, he relays tips and suggestions that only hardcore experience could have gleaned.

This whole thing is going to be perplexing for magicians. Surefire opening ice breakers like this are very scarce, if you even have one or two you have 1/2 the battle of live performance conquered. In less than thirty seconds, everyone watching will be at your disposal, eager to see more."

Jerry "The Flourishman" Cestkowski